135+ shades of award-winning silk and keratin-based creme colors that span over six different tonal families.This versatile portfolio offers colorists vibrant reds, cool violets, pre-mixed low light options and unique cool-based naturals and golds resulting in beautiful tones that deliver up to 100 percent gray coverage.


ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color Mixing Ratio: 1:1 1/2
ChromaSilk Ultra Hi-Lifts Mixing Ratio: 1:2

PRAVANA Developer Zero Lift

  • Levels of Lift: None
  • Processing: 20-30 mins

PRAVANA Developer 10 Volume

  • Levels of Lift: Minimal-Max Deposit
  • Processing: 30 mins

PRAVANA Developer 20 Volume

  • Levels of Lift: Up to 1 Level of Lift Optimal for Gray/White Coverage
  • Processing: 30-45 mins

PRAVANA Developer 30 Volume

  • Levels of Lift: Up to 2 Levels of Lift For Lighter, Brighter Effects
  • Processing: Up to 45 mins

PRAVANA Developer 40 Volume

  • Levels of Lift: Up to 3 Levels of Lift For Maximum Lifting
  • Processing: Up to 45mins



Bombshell Brunettes

Cool Coppers


Correctors + Additives

Fashion Browns


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