CREAM RETREAT : The Road Less Travelled

September 16th -18th

Our business program C.R.E.A.M, is an acronym for Creativity, Retail, Education, Accounting and Management. The conference program will focus on providing a host of business building and leadership ideas to upskill the salon owner with a view to them being a more effective business proprietor.

Some of the programs that are offered to CREAM members throughout the year include: Retail in Detail, Financials for Non-Financials, Gift with Purchase programs, etc.

The purpose of the annual business conference is to introduce leaders in a variety of fields to equip delegates with the motivation and skills to handle the challenges of contemporary business. It is also the aim of this event to create an opportunity for networking of like-minded progressive salon owners, thus creating a community that will bond further with subsequent networking events.


Having reached our 7 years of operation, Evolve Hair Concepts is delighted to offer it’s key customers the opportunity to attend our inaugural National Business Retreat.

Themed “The Road Less Travelled”, this event promises to be a truly unique experience that introduces leaders from a variety of fields who will impact skills in leadership, business management and marketing to enable salon owners to be highly effective in their roles.

Beyond the business content, ample opportunity will be presented to network with a community of like-minded people. Social activities will be held at some of the region’s very best wineries and restaurants.

Please join us along “The Road Less Travelled”… it will be a sound business investment for the mind and soul.



Jackie Furey is a highly sought after conference speaker, leadership development consultant and a professional psychoanalyst. She has presented at hundreds of conferences in Australia and abroad, and regularly receives standing ovations. In previous companies, Bill Hindmarsh has utilised Jackie as a conference speaker with clients and staff, as well as more intimate management training with his leadership groups.

“From Bedrooms to Boardrooms”
In a hard-hitting, yet humorous way, Jackie examines the way we are hard-wired to certain behaviours from an early age, and how this affects us in terms of the relationships we develop in all aspects of our lives. “Getting the most from Your Team” During this presentation, Jackie will focus on how to identify the individual strengths of team members, and importantly, how they can be leveraged within the salon environment.


Hugh was born and bred in Mudgee, and is regarded as one of the town’s leading businessman. He established real estate agency “The Property Shop” aged twenty-one, and grew the business to the region’s most successful agency. Hugh’s contribution to the Mudgee region spans four decades.

In recent years, Hugh has been focused on philanthropic work, including many local charities and the McGrath Foundation.

“A Business Success Story”
From very humble beginnings in the Mudgee region – a one teacher school – followed by boarding school in Sydney, Hugh returned to his beloved Mudgee with a passion to succeed. His story will be an inspiration to all business owners, particularly those from regional areas.



Kelly Kent owns a very successful Hairdressing salon, called “Cranium” in Sydney’s Manly. She has won numerous National and International awards, acknowledging her business acumen.

“Productivity Drivers”

This presentation will shine a light on what can be achieved in terms of turnover and profitability, when the salon owner has the skills to identify and manage key productivity drivers in their business.



Nicole Rosser owns a very successful salon called “Charisma” in Parkes, in central western NSW. A watershed moment for Nicole was a confronting meeting with Evolve CEO Bill Hindmarsh, which challenged the status quo of this moderately successful salon, and engaged her in the pursuit of excellence.

Interview with Bill Hindmarsh
This “Parkinson’s” style interview will examine what made Nicole change her mindset, and the specific actions that have led to Charisma becoming one of the most successful salons in the region.



David is the Marketing Manager at Evolve Hair Concepts and Michael Giannis is the Operations Manager, each of whom have built a very strong social media platform for the company.

“The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media”
Based on their years of experience, Michael and Dave will share a simple set of Do’s and Don’ts regarding social media practices relevant to the Hairdressing industry. The aim is to up-skill salon owners in this critical area of marketing, and how it can be used to further promote products and services, for mutual success.


“The Wrap-up”

“The Wrap-up” Having organised and hosted more than fifty conferences all over the world, Bill Hindmarsh has drawn on years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the Mudgee Region to facilitate this event.

Bill will bring decades of industry and business experience to each and every presentation, each event and indeed each step along the road less travelled. During the closing address,

Bill will tie the various aspects of the conference together, and propose a strategy for delegates going forward, ensuring that “The Road Ahead is not less travelled”.



Cream Retreat – The Program

Day One

We will start this inspiring retreat arriving at Mudgee on Sunday the 16th of September .  We will meet at 4pm at the foyer of the Parklands Resort & Conference Centre to take a chartered bus to a location where we can mingle and introduce ourselves in a relaxed environment.  For our first “call of business”  we will have the pleasure of a private wine tasting at one of the regions best estates:  Lowe Wines Organic Vineyard, Farm and Winery.

“I’ve only ever wanted to be a winemaker. I’ve been doing it now for 35 years – that’s a good thing!” – David Lowe    After learning about the history of the winery and it’s place in the region we will embark onto our next venue for this evening’s dinner, The Zin House, winner of One Chef Hat SMH Good Food Guide Awards – 2016, 2017, 2018.

The modern farm house restaurant takes its name from the Zinfandel vineyard that the site overlooks.   “A nod also to the Dutch work for ‘appetite’ which is also Zin”. Sweeping views take in the organic and biodynamic Tinja property (from which much of the produce is taken), classic Mudgee hillscapes and extensive kitchen gardens.

From here Kim Currie and the kitchen team create menus that take their cue from the garden, the region and a shared philosophy to create joy through the dining experience.

This evenings culinary contentment will conclude Day One. We will make our way back to our hotel to have a peaceful night’s sleep, preparing us for what is to be an enlightening and entertaining series of days ahead.

Day Two

Having spent our first night in “God’s Country’ we will make our way to breakfast in the hotel for a 9:30am start.  Here we will be greeted by our CEO and Evolve Hair Concepts founder, Mr Bill Hindmarsh. Bill will introduce our first speaker for the day, Jackie Furey.  “If I can be a small part of this happening by giving a thought provoking, dynamic and entertaining performance – then job well done! – Jackie Furey Jackie will be presenting “Bedrooms to Boardrooms”  –  a talk that is focused on assisting people to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them in love, life and work.

Proceeding this intimate look into business we will break for a small morning tea.

Our next speaker of the day will be Mr Hugh Bateman, a local and leading businessman in Mudgee.   “Hugh was born and bred in Mudgee, and is regarded as one of the town’s leading businessman. Hugh will share on stage his rise from humble beginnings to the successful man he is today. This will truly inspire all our small business owners on our retreat!

After the conclusion of Hugh’s story we will break once again for lunch.  A well deserved intermission where we can digest not only the menu, but also the wealth of information we have just had the pleasure of being handed.

The day would not almost complete without our next two presenters. Firstly, Kelly Kent from Sydney’s CRANIUM salon will take to the stage to present “PRODUCTIVITY DRIVERS”.  Obtain the knowledge that Kelly has implemented over the years to get her salon where it is today!  Bill Hindmarsh will then take to the stage with Nicole Rosser from Charisma in Parkes, NSW. This interview will be an eye opening experience for anyone who runs a small business – confronting and powerful. A moment that MUST not be missed. This will conclude the conference for the day where we will transfer to Craigmoor Pavilion, Mudgee’s oldest winery (1858)

Dinner : Craigmoor Pavillion , attached to the Robert Oatley Cellar Door will be our venue for dinner this evening.  A fantastic space where gastronomy is second to none.  Kim and Samuel Currie, who provide the tantalising menu have a focus on whole-foods, or as they prefer to think of it – real food. We celebrate the amazing local and seasonal produce we are lucky to have in the region. “We have a focus on whole-foods, or as we prefer to think of it – real food” – Kim & Sam Currie The Craigmoor is renowned for food that is plentiful, delicious and able to be enjoyed across all generations and backgrounds. Food served in a way that actively encourages guests to interact like a large family at a very big dinner table.

A feast for the senses is not complete without some entertainment to conclude our evening.  Sit back, relax and Join Mike Carr & Kyle Manning for a musical journey through the great singing pianists players of our time.  “With musical credits from Keith Urban, Guy Sebastian, Jimmy Barnes, INXS,  and more, it’s a live juke box with moments of hilarity in between”.

We will listen (and perhaps sing to) some of your favourites such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Little Richard, Neil Sedaka, Nina Simone, Alicia Keys and many more… This will conclude our day as we make our way back to the hotel.


Day Three – Conclusion

To conclude our insightful retreat we will congregate at the conference hall after breakfast, 9:30 am sharp.  Our next two speakers are Evolve Hair Concepts Operations Manager, Michael Giannis and Marketing Manager, Dave Mitchell. “If you are not utilising social media now, you are harming your business” – David Mitchell We will embark on a journey into social media, marketing your business via Instagram and Facebook and why it is important to ENGAGE.  Dave will show examples of how to give your online presence a personality and tips that will help you attain reach over your competitors.

Micheal and Dave have worked together to create an entertaining presentation that will break down the “techno talk”. There will be interactive exercises that will show you immediate growth on the day for your Instagram account!  Get your questions ready now! “Hashtag Heros – learn what , where and when to post content that makes you standout”. This talk will have you walking away with techniques that have achievable results.  We look forward to sharing with you!

Morning Tea will be served and we will reconvene to hear from Jackie Furey once again.  Jackie will be presenting, ” Getting the best from your team”  until mid-afternoon where Mr Bill Hindmarsh will officially close the Retreat.  Bill will present the final address “How to Implement Ideas that were presented”. 

We look forward to your company on this journey. We hope that you embrace this opportunity to grow not only your business and your relationships , but you take away from this retreat how you can grow as a person, and you will.

Contact your Business Development Manager or phone 1300 EVOLVE to book your life changing spot, today.

With Special Thanks to Destination NSW for making this event possible.


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